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    Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Empyrus creates custom RPO solutions that help talent acquisition professionals meet their most difficult hiring challenges. Our typical engagement involves helping a company fill between 100 and 10,000 jobs a year. We help clients transform their hiring practices into a strategic weapon for their business, and we do it in a wide variety of ways. Our Solutions include:

    • Enterprise RPO.
    • Reporting.
    • Project RPO.
    • Extension RPO Staff Augmentation.

    Total Flexibility

    There are no off-the-shelf solutions at Empyrus. We create the right outsourced recruiting solution for each client. Among its other benefits, our unique RPO approach allows us to transition custom RPO solutions quickly and painlessly. Down the line, we’re able to scale up or down quickly, as needs evolve.

    The flexibility built into our Empyrus recruitment process makes it easy for us to offer end-to-end enterprise hiring or to focus our work on specific aspects of the recruiting process, depending on the client’s specific needs.

    Working with Internal Talent Acquisition

    We collaborate with a client’s internal talent acquisition team in whatever way serves them best. For some, we take on the hiring process in its entirety. For others, we share the hiring process with the internal team. Or, we can take on full responsibility for a defined segment of hires while corporate talent acquisition handles the balance of the company’s needs. We perform effectively and remain committed to our clients’ hiring success in any of these arrangements.

    Targeted Hard-to-Fill

    Increasingly, companies are considering an outsourced recruiting solution when they need to fill positions that are outside their traditional comfort zone. This is especially so when volume is involved.Empyrus has a deep well of volume hard-to-fill expertise.

    Volume Hiring

    We know how to hire at volume, delivering both efficiency and quality in the most traditional RPO value model.

    Professional & Specialist Recruiting

    Sometimes a client’s needs fall between the extremes of raw volume and targeted hard-to-fill. We’re adept at taking on special classes of hires for our clients, so that their internal talent acquisition teams can focus on filling the positions they know best.

    Rapid Industry Mastery

    Empyrus’s commitment to training, ongoing learning, specialization, and – especially – best-practices sharing helps us master recruiting in new industries quickly. It’s one of the best things about Empyrus’s unique approach to RPO.