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    Payroll Management

    Empyrus provides a full spectrum of payroll solution, which helps organizations streamline their payroll processes and enable in better payroll administration. Our payroll solution can be tailored in accordance to the customer requirement. Some of the key services as part of our offerings include:

    • Calculations.
    • Reporting.
    • Statutory Compliance.
    • Year-End Activities.
    • Reimbursements.
    • Query Management.
    • Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service.

    Benefit Administration

    Empyrus Provides integrated benefit administration services with expertise to manage unique country specific mandatory contributions and benefits schemes. Our services cover defined contribution/defined benefit plans including provident fund, benefits and supplemental benefits, gratuity and housing fund programs, based on market regulations.

    Tax Processing

    Regulatory compliance is of utmost significance given its complex and changing nature. Empyrus’s processes are designed to ensure compliance with the evolving tax structures across markets and we stay abreast with legislative changes that affect our clients.

    Flexible Benefits/Compensation

    Empyrus offers a host of organization specific traditional and flexible benefit programs as well as flexible compensation programs. Our solution is customized to plan allocations, submit claims, approve/ reject, track transaction status, balances and accounting.

    Multi Country Payroll

    For organizations with employees spread across geographies, countries and regions, managing payroll becomes a complex and daunting task. Empyrus’s global payroll solution enables organization to manage payroll process efficiently, mitigate operational risks and overcome the challenges related to legal compliance.

    Our multi-country payroll delivery model and services are based on our cumulative learning in the payroll and benefits administration space in Asia pacific region for the last 15 years. For clients to have a flawless experience when they outsource multi-country payroll, the delivery model needs to ensure that it is well covered on all the facets mentioned below –

    • Local Domain Expertise.
    • Understanding the local Compliance.
    • Standardized Processes.
    • Common Reporting and Governance Framework.
    • Unified Service Levels.
    • Similar Employee and Employer query resolution matrix.
    • Last but not least, Single Contracting.